The results are in for latest round of IDTA emaninations

Our most recent exams took place in January, after being rescheduled due to the snow we had before Christmas. This meant students only had a short time to prepare from being back in class after the end of term break. As always our students performed brilliantly, with the day running smoothly without a hitch.

Having recieved the results back we’re very pleased to say that once again we recieved a 100% pass rate and are delighted with the results. These brilliant results do not just happen. They are a result of extremely hard work and dedication from students and teachers, and fantastic support from parents. I’m sure everyone will be as proud of the students as we are. Awards and certificates will arrive in the post shortly and we will advise when class presentation will be.

All Jaykays students have the opportunity to take  graded IDTA examinations in various subjects. They give the students a great sense of achievement and an opportunity to work towards goals and look back and apreciate the hard work they have put in during thier class time.

COVID19 Temporary Closure Statement

Jaykays Dance Company is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Online classes are being delivered live on Zoom for our currently enrolled students. Unfortunately we are unable to say when we will be able to accept new enrolments.