terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions must be accepted before participating in any of JKDC’s classes

SECTION 1 – Payment 

a. You will receive an invoice via email at the start of every term. Your invoice will automatically be divided up by how many months fall in that particular term. Payments will then be taken out of your bank account by GoCardless. Payments will appear on your bank statement as: GoCardless Ref: Jaykays Dance 

b. Invoices must be paid in full despite any missed sessions. These cannot be deducted. 

c. Any additional invoices for events such as exams, additional show costs etc will be sent out via email. Payment for additional invoices can be made by cash or by online transfers (recommended method). Transfer Details – Sort Code: 20-73-48, Account Number: 80212873, Miss J Hogben T/As Jaykays Dance Company. Please use pupils name or invoice number as a reference. Please include details on the reference as to what your payment is for e.g, class fees where possible. 

d. Any late payments will incur a £5.00 late fee. To make any arrangements regarding payments please contact Kate McMahon at kate@jaykaysdancecompany.co.uk 

e. For each sibling coming at full price the lowest paying sibling will come for 50% (eg. If there are 3 siblings 2 will be full price and 1 will be at 50%) 

f. Please note that you cannot pay as you go. Jaykays offers one free trial session as a chance to try before you buy. The remaining term is expected to be paid in full after this trial. 

SECTION 2 – Enrolment & Cancellation 

a. If you wish to stop your classes with Jaykays please give us one month’s notice. Payment will still be required one month from date of notification. 

b. If you would like to amend your current classes by adding on new classes or stopping a class, then please notify us ASAP. We will amend your current invoice to reflect the changes and get your direct debit with GoCardless amended accordingly. 

b. If a space has been reserved for you in a class and you do not attend then 50% of the invoice must still be paid. 

c. If you attend classes and have paid for the term but decide to stop classes mid-term then we regret that we cannot offer you a refund for the remaining classes that you did not attend. 

d. If classes have to be cancelled by the teacher for any reason (sickness or adverse weather) a replacement class will be offered as an alternative, which may occur on a different day or time. We regret that we cannot refund you if you cannot attend the replacement class. 

e. Please note that we operate an automatic re-enrolment system where we always assume that every student will continue with their current class when we prepare our invoices for the following term unless we hear otherwise. Therefore is no re-enrolment process, so you will be invoiced unless you have informed us that you will not be returning the following term. 

SECTION 3 – Code of Conduct 

a. JKDC is not responsible for any valuables students bring to class. We advise not to bring mobile phones or tablets into class. If they are brought into class they should be switched off or put on silent. 

b. Disruptive behaviour will not be accepted. Students will be asked not to participate if this sort of behaviour is displayed and parents will be contacted. We have a zero tolerance policy on bullying. 

c. Parents should alert teachers to any injuries or illnesses that may affect a student’s performance in class. 

d. Please remember that JKDC is only responsible for students during their stated class times, so please do not drop them off early and leave them unsupervised. 

e. If your class is the first class of the day, please do not enter the hall early. The doors will be closed and opened 5 minutes before class time. 

f. Please inform us of any changes to your personal circumstances i.e. change of address, email address, phone number, parental responsibility etc. 

SECTION 4 – Social Media 

a. It is strictly prohibited to post or share information of a personal nature about any members of staff or JKDC students. 

b. It is prohibited to share any false information or negative comments that could compromise or damage the company’s reputation. 

c. Students and parents must not post or share photographs of other students without consent. Videos recorded in class are to be used as a teaching aid only and not shared on social media. 

d. JKDC staff will not accept “friend requests” from any students under the age of 18 years old. JKDC staff will not reply to any message students send via private message. They are always welcome to approach teachers in class time with any questions or concerns. 

e. JKDC has the parental consent and owns the rights of any photos shared on its social media pages. Please ensure you make us aware if you ever decide to withdraw this consent. 

Any questions or concerns with regards to the details of these terms and conditions can be sent by email to – registrations@jaykaysdancecompany.co.uk 



Jaykays Dance Company is a Leamington Spa based dance school offering classes in IDTA Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Freestyle, Musical Theatre and Acrobatics.


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COVID19 Temporary Closure Statement

Jaykays Dance Company is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Online classes are being delivered live on Zoom for our currently enrolled students. Unfortunately we are unable to say when we will be able to accept new enrolments.